AlPiDarko is an empowering training and development programme for parents and teachers providing tools in understanding behaviour and learning.


What Is The AlPiDarko Programme?

AlPiDarko is an empowering training and development programme for parents and teachers providing tools in understanding behaviour and learning so you can lead, educate, set boundaries and be heard.

In order to make the programme accessible to all, AlPiDarko is an interactive powerpoint presentation in 4 (tots) or 6 (tens) or 8 (teens) two hour sessions that presents the concepts and ideas in a way that all attendees of an AlPiDarko course can learn and process the information in THEIR own way and set out their own pathway to understanding and change. The programme is led either by Mrs Nemeth or by one of her professional trainers who have undertaken AlPiDarko Trainer courses to supplement their own professional qualifications.

Change the environment, change the child!

In synthesis with understanding the process of change, the AlPiDarko Programme doesn’t preach, it educates – and then gives a chance for the adult learner to learn, process and ultimately change their behaviour, reactions and responses to their child. Participants who have attended AlPiDarko courses, kept journals and thereafter ran with the ball have made many changes in their behaviour and responses which has had profound effects on all their relationships, not only teacher-pupil/parent child relationships.

AlPiDarko is Different

There are many behaviour management programmes. There are training courses about understanding learning styles. The unique approach of fusing the two disciplines of understanding behaviour AND learning has created a system that is powerful, effective and really changed adults’ misguided perceptions and misunderstandings of children and their responses. The success of the programme spread, with experienced teachers and school leaders – and ultimately parents – requesting courses and training to re-educate them in how to bring out the best in their children and help children reach their potential.

Core Principles


AlPiDarko is a strategy for parents and teachers, empowering them to help their children reach their potential.


AlPiDarko is accessible to all – it doesn’t tell you WHAT to do, it shows you how to interpret the signs and respond appropriately.


AlPiDarko is unique. You can only help children reach their potential by understanding learning – AND behaviour.

Time Proven

AlPiDarko is based on sound educational and behavioural management theories that have been tried and tested for decades.


AlPiDarko guides parents to create the right environment for children of this and future generations.


I was first introduced to positive parenting by my mentor and friend Rifki Litwin. The parenting course that she gave when my oldest child was just 6 weeks old, not only set me up for a life of positive parenting but also greatly influenced my work in education.

The AlPiDarko course, combining the understanding of behaviour and learning in the creation of an interactive, compelling course accessible to all, was devised in close collaboration with Rabbi Eliezer Gross, psychotherapist of great repute. The pull and thrust of psychology v education were the essential ingredients that have contributed to the course’s success.

Creating, delivering, developing AlPiDarko has been a family affair. Huge thanks go to my husband and children who not only contributed to the animations of the slides and also for their forbearance and patience for my absence in presence and mind when being occupied with devising and delivering training.