APD Edgware

There are nearly 18,000 people living in Edgware, average age 30 – 40 …so there are quite likely nearly 40,000 children!

40,000 happy, fulfilled, well behaved, polite children all reaching their potential.

Is your child one of them? No…? Well he could be…

95% of parents* who take an AlPiDarko course find themselves able to understand their children, effectively deal with their behaviour and create a happy, healthy learning environment at home where everyone has their place.

*taken from course evaluations

Jo and Debbie will be running courses for you whether you have Under 5’s, primary school aged children or teenagers.

Simply form your own group and we will come to you!

Joanne Solomon

Joanne Solomon

"Al Pi Darko has given me confidence and skills to use and apply in my own family and in the community! Its added a clear framework to helping other parents to develop closer relationships and is a fantastic resource and programme!"

Debbie Rowe

Debbie Rowe

"AlPiDarko has made me a better parent and teacher, empowering me to help others and providing me with an understanding of how to navigate my children and pupils through the challenges of home, school and friendships."