AlPiDarko (also known as APD) is an empowering training and development programme that provides tools in understanding behaviour and learning.

How We Help Parents

Parenting – for the Present and the Future

What is Al Pi Darko?

Al Pi Darko (also known as APD) is an empowering training and development programme that provides tools in understanding behaviour and learning so you can educate and be heard.

Why is it “…for parents and teachers….NOT for children?”

The underpinning foundation of APD is that the adults create the environment for our children so we have the power – and responsibility – to ensure that the environment we are creating matches the personality of each child and that we build a relationship that will last.

But I have 4 children – can I adapt to each one?

Of course you can – and that is why the programme is called “Al Pi Darko”. This phrase is taken from the book of Proverbs – “Chanoch Lenaar Al Pi Darko” – educate each child according to his way. APD uses the modern tools of psychology and the latest in brain research to help you to fulfil the dictum of our tradition.

But why do I need to go to a parenting programme? My mother never went to one!

  • Our children can access everything, everywhere, anytime. We need expertise to manage this
  • Our children face unprecedented challenges. Parenting is just not the same as in previous generations.
  • Children who feel good about themselves make the right choices; we are responsible to create that positive environment
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing starts in the home and the classroom.
  • We have lost the ability to say “No”. APD shows you how to say “No!” and be heard.

AlPiDarko provides the answers to all those challenges whether your kids are tots, tens or teens – the ones you are facing now and the ones that will very likely arise soon.

How can that be?

APD is about empowerment. We don’t tell you what to do – we give you a new paradigm (lens) through which you can look at a behaviour or learning challenge, identify the source yourself (often different for each child) and provide your own answers for a solution.

What is the difference between any other parenting course and the empowerment of APD?

It’s about parent literacy.

Let me explain with a comparison: in my house, some of us are computer literate, some of us use the computer but do not have a clue as to how it works.

What happens when a problem arises?

With the computer-literate group, the problem is calmly analysed, worked out and often solved within minutes. With the illiterate users, when a problem arises? Panic. “HELP!” – it cannot be resolved without calling for help.

With APD we give you the tools to solve any challenge that arises in parenting so you don’t need to keep on asking for help. Get parent literate now!

How do you do this?

The mother/father/both parents engage with the programme on 2 levels:

  • The course: enjoy the highly interactive powerpoint programmes and using the group dynamic to help you clarify or solve any issues you may be having. But you do not have to speak!
  • The journal: engage with your group leader at a personal level. Throughout the course you email your group leader weekly with any clarification, problem, question, issue or even comment you may have.

How long has APD existed and how many people have been helped?

AlPiDarko parenting courses have been running for over 10 years and we have reached nearly a thousand parents. Due to APD successes where families’ lives have changed and parent-children relationships have sky-rocketed, the courses have been so much in demand that we now have trained four more professionals to deliver courses across the UK and abroad.

To find out about courses taking place in your area click here, or how to set up a group yourself, see our local trainers here.

Course Details

There are 2 essential elements to AlPiDarko:

No 1 – The Course

8 dynamic, interactive sessions, based on power point presentations, videos and discussion:

  • Session 1: The Magic of Encouragement gives you an insight into every child’s behaviour, setting the scene the importance of your role in influencing your child’s behaviour. In this session you also receive your first vital tool in behaviour management.
  • Session 2: The 4 Mistaken Goals of Behaviour – have you ever thought or asked your child “Why did you do that?” by the end of this session you will know exactly why your child is behaving as he does – and what you can do about it.
  • Session 3: Respect and Boundaries and Routine – before establishing your leadership in discipline, we need to set the right environment as a backdrop to managing all behaviour. By the end of this session you will know how to set and maintain clear boundaries in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Session 4: Effective Discipline – does punishment work? Do I have to reward my child every time he does something right? How do I rectify negative behaviour? By now you have all the essential tools to correct behaviour without criticism and parent effectively.
  • Session 5: Understand Unique Learning – acquire vital information about how children learn, understand the function of the brain in learning, how to assess your child’s unique learning
  • Session 6: Helping my child learn – Close the learning gap! What is my child’s unique learning environment? How can I help him with his homework? You don’t need to be a trained teacher to support your child’s learning.
  • Session 7: Understanding Teens – explore the psychological, social and spiritual development of your teenager whilst acquiring vital knowledge about the teen brain
  • Session 8: Reach the stars! – now you have all the tools to understand your child, we apply the knowledge in different contexts and help you to embed your learning and parenting experience

No 2: The Journals:

Every week you are invited to send a journal via email to your trainer and enter into your own private correspondence about your child(ren)

APD shows you:

  • How you can lead
  • How important a positive environment is
  • How you can change your behaviour
  • How changing your behaviour helps your child
  • How to maintain your presence always
  • How to set boundaries
  • How to create an atmosphere of respect
  • How to help your child with his work
  • How to help your child understand himself
  • How to bring up responsible children
  • How to bring up independent children
  • How to nurture confident learners
  • How to promote independent and creative thinking

And now you can choose your options:

AlPiDarko Tots

  • Sessions 1 – 4
  • Suitable for parents of babies up to pre-school children
  • Includes all the essential elements of managing behaviour£100

AlPiDarko Tens

  • Sessions 1 – 6
  • Suitable for parents of primary school children
  • Includes all the elements of understanding behaviour and learning£150

AlPiDarko Teens

  • Sessions 1 – 8
  • Suitable for parents of secondary school pupils
  • Includes understanding behaviour, learning and understanding teens£200

All sessions are 1.5 – 2 hours in duration

Additional Information

You can set up your own 4/6/8 session course with friends, with a minumum of 8 and a maximum of 15 people. If you do this you will receive a 25% reduction on your course fee.

Please contact us for details and cost of courses given by AlPiDarko founder and director Judith Nemeth.

Judith is also available to do one-to-one sessions with parents.

And coming soon…. courses online and courses for grandparents and great grandparents.