We offer services to all stakeholders of the school community including governors, schools leaders, experienced teaching staff and newly qualified teachers.

How We Help Schools

AlPiDarko offers a number of services to all stakeholders of the school community from governors to schools leaders, from experienced teaching staff to newly qualified teachers in addition to trainee teachers and teacher assistants. Al Pi Darko can be uniquely applied at any level of the school community. As would be expected, the best results are obtained when all stakeholders (including parents) buy in to the same methodology of teaching, learning and understanding behaviour.

However, much can be achieved by a single teacher partaking of this unique training and application.

Leadership & Management

Many schools leaders trained in education a number of years ago. Since that training the world has changed – and so have behaviour trends as well as the information we now have to hand about learning and brain functioning. Al Pi Darko can greatly assist schools leaders in reframing their attitudes towards behaviour as well as supplementing their knowledge about learning.

In addition, Al Pi Darko offers leadership and management training for all middle and senior managers in the form of seminars, coaching and mentoring.


Many Al Pi Darko topics can be taken as stand- alone topics suitable for INSETs that really help teaching staff to evaluate their own teaching and behaviour management techniques. Optimum results are achieved by consultation with one of our Al Pi Darko team members to ensure the training meets the needs of each particular school community. On a number of occasions schools negotiate an academic year of INSETs that meets the needs of the school’s current challenges. Through a series of well planned INSETs school leaders often realise the transformational change that they may have planned for their school.

For a tailor-made programme to match your school’s individual needs contact us.


We offer Continuous Professional Development teacher training programmes for your staff who want to develop their teaching skills in developing greater understanding of behaviour and learning. The AlPiDarko Teens programme is very popular for secondary school as it provides very valuable insight into the teen brain as well s exploring the social, psychological and intellectual stages of early and mid-teens.

Furthermore we have recently adapted our programmes in whole school development courses on both Emotional Health and Wellbeing and Preventing Bullying. AlPiDarko training is the perfect initial training programme for staff in preparation for the new PSHE requirements that become law in September 2020.

Behaviour Management

Many behaviour management policies in schools were written many years ago and often do not take into account contemporary challenges that school staff meet that are often unprecedented. In addition, they may have been written without due reference or knowledge of current understanding of behaviour that has been driven by the most recent neurological and psychological research that is now available to the educational world. Al Pi Darko offers the facility of working with senior management in school who are responsible for behaviour management to ensure they are meeting the real needs and challenges that light on understanding learning styles and guides the teacher how to prepare lessons that really can educate all.


The Al Pi Darko programme helps all teaching staff to differentiate between learning difference and learning disability. Whilst there are identifiable learning disabilities, many barriers to learning are caused by teachers’ lack of understanding of learning difference. A little tweak in presentation, environment or expectation can make the difference between success and failure in the classroom. The provision for the SEN Departments will not only reinforce their knowledge about learning, but also help them to guide class and subject teachers in creating the appropriate learning environment for each child.


There is a deficit of in-service training for pastoral support. The Al Pi Darko Programme and mentoring service gives pastoral departments the back-up, support and sounding board they often need as well as keeping them up with the latest in understanding learning and behaviour. As Al Pi Darko is for parents and teachers, this methodology is the ideal one for forging and reinforcing home-school links and helps give all those caring for the child a coherent and cohesive approach to their needs.