The time has come for all adult carers for anyone concerned with the development of children, to take responsibility for that future.

Message from the Founder

Judith Nemeth
Mrs Judith Nemeth
Cert Ed., MBA, Education Leadership (International)
Founder of AlPiDarko

The time has come for all adult carers – whether parents, teachers, headteachers, grandparents or anyone concerned with the development of children, to take responsibility for that future. Children respond to their environment. If we dislike something about our children, or feel they are not reaching their potential, we have to do some something to change the environment – so that our children can work to their best advantage.

Where Did AlPiDarko Come From?

For the last 50 years, we have tried to deal with the children who are just not behaving, not learning, or not reaching their potential. It is now time for us adults to recognise, in the light of all contemporary research and development in understanding behaviour and learning, that we can change children around by changing our behaviour and our attitudes to our children. Yes, there are learning disabilities and behavioural disfunction that need to be professionally dealt with, but 90% of behaviour and learning difficulties can be rectified by the adults changing their behaviour to suit the needs of the child – and often to suit their own needs; graduates of the Al Pi Darko programme are amazed at how much calmer and more in control they feel of themselves and of their relationship with their children – and how much all their relationships have improved.

Mrs Judith Nemeth, Cert Ed., MBA, Education Leadership (International), an educationalist with over 35 years’ experience in all 3 sectors in education – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary (teacher training) – is the originator and founder of Al Pi Darko. The Al Pi Darko Programme was created during the period 1997 – 2001 as a training programme to empower her student teachers to understand behaviour and learning BEFORE trying to deal with the challenges the would be faced with in the classroom. Those new teachers were very successful in managing behaviour and learning; soon after teachers who qualified previously requested this ground-breaking highly effective training. They loved it and often responded “this is great in my classroom – but has helped even more with my parenting!” Thus AlPiDarko for parents and teachers was born.

Al Pi Darko is for carers of ALL children – parents trying to bring up their families; teachers striving to reach and teach every child; single parents struggling with teens; headteachers recognising their approach just isn’t working; educated parents flummoxed by their toddler. Grandparents and great-grandparents, wanting to understand the next generation and its challenges and support the parents in every way are also being greatly helped by AlPiDarko.

Everyone needs Al Pi Darko!