Start Rite

Is your school behaviour policy just about sanctions, detention, confiscation, reasonable force and isolation?

If so….you’ve already missed the boat.

Ofsted are going to be inspecting if your school is…

“…creating a sufficiently disciplined environment, a prerequisite to any learning taking place. If behaviour is not managed effectively and learners are not instilled with positive attitudes to learning, nothing much will be learned.”

Start your next school with a new initiative to improve behaviour, create a coherent strategy with all staff and bring all parents on board. Once this is embedded, you will have established a positive, clear, constructive discipline strategy that will progress throughout the school as your first class progresses.

“When children experience coherence in discipline at home and school they are being given the best chance in being able to manage their own behaviour”

Judith Nemeth, Founder AlPiDarko

Who is Start Rite for?

  • Parents of incoming Reception/Nursery together with Foundation and KS1 teachers and SLT.
  • Parents of incoming Year 7 together with KS3 teachers and SLT.

What is the course about?

  • Understanding the reason for all behaviours
  • How to set up zero tolerance and be consistent
  • Develop a culture of respect
  • Set and maintain boundaries and routines
  • Effective Discipline at home and in school

Why is Start Rite important?

  • Parents and teachers establish themselves as effective leaders
  • All children will be receiving clear messages about their behaviour
  • Parents and teachers are on the same page
  • Parents and teachers develop a language of discussion about behaviour
  • Transparency in expectations across school, home and across teachers, parents and pupils

Course Details

Each course comprises 5 x 1.5 hour sessions.

All parents, teachers and SLT must be present at each session.

Cost: £1000 per course.