What is the AlPiDarko Programme?

AlPiDarko is an empowering training and development programme for parents and teachers providing tools in understanding behaviour and learning so you can lead, educate, set boundaries and be heard.

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A message from the founder

A message from the founder

The time has come for all adult carers – whether parents, teachers, headteachers, grandparents or anyone concerned with the development of children, to take responsibility for that future.

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Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership

AlPiDarko is now offering a Lifetime Membership with additional benefits to our course-goers.

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What do others say?

  • “This programme is absolutely genius - I just love it and it works! I don’t have time to write much, just that one realisation I’ve realised is that if followed correctly, this leaves only positive interactions with my children! - it’s just unbelievable! The entire household was a happier place.”

    Mrs A
    Children Ahead
  • “Firstly just to keep you updated, I have seen amazing results with thanks to your tips and direction. I feel more in control etc. and understand my 3 year old much better.”

  • “Thank you for the course; it really brings together everything that we are meant to be doing and brings it to the front of the to do list. I have really tried this week to "be in the moment" and it definitely helps in relation to the kids and mindfulness!”

  • “Thank you for your special course, I really enjoyed it thoroughly and sincerely hope to be able to share it in an effective way.”

  • “I really enjoyed the course… I really feel the value of doing it with my husband so we can hopefully parent on the same page!”

  • “Thank you again for the wonderful course.”

  • “Thanks for the last session it was great! We’ve worked a lot on respect, thanking them for helping and doing nice things etc. and really treating and talking to them as if they were grown ups.”

  • “The last session about praise and encouragement has really resonated with me. I understand its importance in relation to my own childhood and its impact on me today. Self esteem and the ability to believe in oneself are gifts I would wish to bequeath to my children. Truly a value-added session!”

  • “Many thanks… you are a constant source of inspiration!”

  • “Thanks for last week's lesson. My husband and I both really enjoyed it and found it so beneficial. The biggest change I am noticing in my self generally since starting your course is that I am shouting a lot less! I can feel it in the house, in the kids, in myself.”

  • “The insights and perspectives that this course has enabled are truly profound. Judith facilitates from her years of experience and wisdom in a very practical and powerful way. I recommend this course to anyone with kids!”

  • “I feel as though things are shifting. Anger and other feelings that I may have dissipate. I can have space and time to think things over. If something is recurring then I will know about it. Yet the warmth and love that I treasure in my relationship with my children stays intact.”

  • “Just had session on learning styles last night. Today was very different! First we did star jumping as they said the words then more reading and some actions as they said words. They couldn't stop smiling! They were enjoying the learning instead of it being a chore.”

  • “As requested I will try to reflect on how I have used or been affected by the course. The first and probably the most important point is that the course has provided a reflection space-to stop and take stock of what is going on in my classroom at the moment.”

    Mrs P
    Year 5 Teacher
  • “This week I’ve been considering the Learning Style Analysis. On a personal level it was interesting to complete the analysis for myself and identify my own areas of strengths and weaknesses. It was a useful exercise and reaffirmed my ideas about the way in which I study best.”

    Mrs B
    Year 4 Teacher
  • “I wanted to establish a set of ‘rules’ to use in the classroom to make the experience more pleasant for both the students and myself. Because of the respect I was giving to them, they were happy to reflect this respect back on to me and were keen to accept my ideas as reasonable rather than controlling!”

    Mrs M
    Year 13 Teacher
  • “From today’s class on APD and Teaching Methodology, I have realised that teaching is not about changing the child but rather altering the environment in which you are teaching the child; the student does not need to change – it is the teachers who must accommodate in offering the best learning environment to the student.”

    Mrs N
    Year 6 Teacher