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  • “Embarking on parenthood was a massive undertaking for me. Some of my children were very challenging and I was barely coping. Al Pi Darko gave me a structure and mostly a mindset to understand my children better. It's been over 10 years and I follow many of its core principles. Al Pi Darko was the springboard for so much further growth as a mother. I am so grateful!”


  • “Al Pi Darko is a really transformative course that allows you to create a long-lasting positive relationship with your child and student. The skills learnt in the Al Pi Darko course enabled me to become an effective teacher and a confident calm parent. I'm very grateful for Mrs Nemeth's wisdom and clarity which have guided me for close to two decades.”


  • “I did this course when I was a new parent. Al Pi Darko taught me invaluable skills and insights into how to deal with my children and avoid power struggles! It’s probably time for a refresher.”

    Abby K.

  • “Your lessons were always extremely clear, and having that clarity really empowered me as a mother to stand behind what I was saying and what I was doing. I feel having done the course my children were calmer having a mother who was clear enabled the kids to be calm.”


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