How do I access the video course?

Once you have purchased the course, it will become immediately available in the members area; to access this, click on My Account - either via the taskbar or the icon in the top right of the screen.

What language is the course in?

The course is in English

Who can halachically and legally use my login, and watch the course?

Halachically and legally, the terms of the sale of this course is that only you and/or your spouse/partner may use this login and/or watch the course from your account. It may not be used, watched, lent, disclosed or transferred to anyone else.

Can I film the course or download it?

Halachically and legally, you cannot film the screen or otherwise film, record, reproduce or download this course and definitely must not share it with other parties, or post it for viewing anywhere at all.

Is the Journal essential?

If you really want to parent effectively and bring out the best in all your children, you need to send a weekly journal to Mrs Nemeth directly; see the end of Episode 6 in Session 1 for more details about this.

How does the Journal help me?

This is your chance to reflect and this reflection consolidates the learning process. You will also be in contact with the AlPiDarko founder directly and can ask any questions you wish for any clarification.

Can both parents Journal?

Of course!

In AlPiDarko, we are passionate about the parent-child relationship and will do all we can to ensure it is positive and productive, smoothing your journey to parent happy, resilient children with healthy self esteem.