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AlPiDarko Fundamentals - Parent's Edition

AlPiDarko Fundamentals - Parent's Edition

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[Coming very soon: AlPiDarko Fundamentals - Educator's Edition]

  • 4 hours of training in bite-sized episodes
  • 28 episodes that you can return to at any time
  • No limit to the number of times you listen
  • No expiry date to the episodes
  • Direct contact with the AlPiDarko founder

AlPiDarko Fundamentals Parent's Edition Summary:

Session 1 - Understanding Behaviour
The power of doing a paradigm shift on all
behaviours changes your responses, their
behaviour and the family environment

Session 2 - The 4 Mistaken goals
Ever scratched your head and said "Why did
you do that?". By the end of this session you'll
know why - even if your child doesn't.

Session 3- Respect, Boundaries and Routine
An in-depth study on the necessity of ensuring
there is respect as a forerunner to setting

Session 4- Effective Discipline
Do punishments and rewards work? Is there an
alternative to criticism? Find out how to
discipline effectively all the time

What to expect:

  • Engaging presentations with multimedia elements
  • Practical strategies for immediate implementation
  • Personal reflection through guided journaling
  • Supportive group dynamics with
  • Ongoing guidance from a dedicated group leader
  • Transformation of family/classroom dynamics
  • Enrol today to unlock your potential as a
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