Over the last 20 years, parents' and children's lives have been transformed by using all the AlPiDarko tools; now it's your turn - you not only owe it to yourself, but to your children too!

  • “As parents of children of various ages. Alpidarko greatly helped us to better understand our children. To discern issues and recognize certain behaviours. Alpidarko gave us a framework and practical parenting tools. This enabled us to give our kids support during the sometimes challenging times during their school attendance. Each child has his own individual strengths and challenges, and Alpidarko was available to give us support when we required it.Our children (eventually) did appreciate our efforts and this helped strengthen the bond we have with each one of our children”


  • “I would like to say how helpful Alpidarko has been to our family.  I did the teen course before my kids were teens. It provided so much helpful information for the age that they were then and as they went through their teens. Could not recommend Alpidarko enough.”


  • “We loved our Alpidarko sessions and especially appreciated the support in between sessions. The sessions were light-hearted and enjoyable and covered loads of ground in a very engaging way! The Alpidarko approach is really child-centered and focuses on positive reinforcement. My husband and I gained so much from this course in such a short amount of time and we couldn’t believe how quickly we saw results! We are a long way from perfect parents but we are reassured by Mrs Nemeth’s voice in our ear reminding us that if we do a good job 60% of the time that is good enough and a great start! Thank you for the most fantastic course, we will definitely do a refresher course soon!”


  • “Embarking on parenthood was a massive undertaking for me. Some of my children were very challenging and I was barely coping. Al Pi Darko gave me a structure and mostly a mindset to understand my children better. It's been over 10 years and I follow many of its core principles. Al Pi Darko was the springboard for so much further growth as a mother. I am so grateful!”


  • “Al Pi Darko is a real game-changer. I am so grateful for all the elements of the course that are uniquely combined to enable a parent and/or teacher to be empowered in the home and/or classroom. It's all about a positive mindset and having the tools to cope with all different behaviours. This course is a true gift for every parent and/or teacher and I highly recommend it.”


  • “Your lessons were always extremely clear, and having that clarity really empowered me as a mother to stand behind what I was saying and what I was doing. I feel having done the course my children were calmer having a mother who was clear enabled the kids to be calm.”


  • “I took the Alpidarko course during COVID-19 over Zoom. Even behind a screen, this course has completely changed my approach to parenting and helped me to understand my children’s behaviour better. As the children are growing, the challenges are different, and that’s where the aftercare provided by the Alpidarko team is so precious and unique. I’d highly recommend any new (or even not-so-new!) parents to take this course and enjoy all the life-changing concepts that will be explored, explained, and applied.”


  • “I did this course when I was a new parent. Al Pi Darko taught me invaluable skills and insights into how to deal with my children and avoid power struggles! It’s probably time for a refresher.”

    Abby K

  • “Al Pi Darko is a really transformative course that allows you to create a long-lasting positive relationship with your child and student. The skills learnt in the Al Pi Darko course enabled me to become an effective teacher and a confident calm parent. I'm very grateful for Mrs Nemeth's wisdom and clarity which have guided me for close to two decades.”


  • “I was pulling my hair out, I had two teenagers at home, that couldn’t even be in the same room! We joined Al Pi Darko, and as soon as I heard Mrs Nemeth’s voice, I felt this sense of calm. And renewed hope! The tools my husband and I gained from this course, still keep us in check. I highly recommend this course to everyone. During the course, we had a constant connection with Mrs Nemeth and found her very supportive, knowledgeable, and caring.”


  • “My oldest child is now a teenager and I still benefit from the lessons I learned with Mrs Nemeth at Al Pi Darko. The personalized approach and the clear messages plus the warm, confidential atmosphere made all the difference. Take the course - your children will thank you!”


  • “Mrs Nemeth and her Al Pi Darko Techniques have turned my home into the wonderful place that it is. I did the course when my children were little and kept in touch as they grew up. Now we are the very proud parents of young adults. Thank You for your guidance that was always spot on and extremely helpful.”


  • “Whilst I took the course many years ago while my children were young I feel that the methods techniques and ideas that I learnt were instrumental in helping me raise my children the way I wanted to. In a calm and considerate way rather than a reactive way. By learning when the children were young I was able to set into place healthy habits that formed the foundation of my parenting. My favourite was "special day" for each child. You'll have to take the course to learn more.”


  • “I have been using Mrs Nemeth's Al Pi Darco method of Chinuch for over 20 years in both my teaching and as a parent. I feel so strongly that this is the best way forward I am also an Al Pi Darco trainer.It is something all parents and teachers can only gain from.”


  • “Al Pi Darco is a fabulous course that brings about tremendous changes all around. We all know that the only person you can change is yourself- but in doing so- this can change so many dynamics, be it in the family/classroom. The course is easy to understand and implement but at the same time full of depth. I know as a parent how we are all looking for the best parenting tools- and I can't wait to share it all as a trainer!”


  • “We benefited so much from the Al Pi Darko course by Mrs. Nemeth, which was run with warmth and care. It gave us a deeper understanding as parents and helped prepare us before adjusting to a family of two. The insights from the course are still useful on a day-to-day basis and we are so grateful!”


  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the Al Pi Darko parenting classes. Judith has a very engaging and warm teaching style. She listens carefully to the challenges that a family faces and coaches you to understand where you can make practical improvements in your parenting styles. Her advice is at times general and at others specific. She leaves you feeling empowered and more confident in your ability to approach challenging behaviour. She even provides aftercare for any ongoing issues. I would certainly recommend her classes.”


  • “Over the years, the knowledge and insights I gained from the Alpidarko course have greatly influenced my parenting approach. The content was rich with valuable strategies and techniques that I continue to implement to this day. The material was engaging, relatable, and easy to understand. I am grateful for the positive impact this parenting course has had on my confidence and effectiveness as a parent. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking practical guidance and valuable tools for raising children. It is a worthwhile investment that will benefit both parents and their children for years to come.”


  • “Al Pi Darko is a course only If you want TO BE THE BEST PARENT! Al Pi Darko will guide and support you from toddlers to teenagers, especially in these changing times.Learn: WHAT TO SAY, HOW TO SAY IT, AND HOW TO FEEL ABOUT IT!In my personal experience, I gained the tools to do the best I can!Thank you Al Pi Darko!”


  • “Al Pi Darko changed our parenting & subsequently our family dynamic, right from the very first session. The support received, along with wise insights, gave us the confidence to understand what was going on in the day-to-day relationships within the family. We were able to face the teenage years armed with the necessary tools and navigate the challenges of parenting today's teens. We are definitely a better family unit today because of Al Pi Darko. Thank you, Judith, your wise words still guide us to this day.”


  • “About 12 years ago when my youngest was in his early teens, I did the Al Pi Darko course. The group was deliberately kept small which was definitely beneficial as we could express our views. Each lady had a different number of children or were fostering grandchildren so it made for an interesting dynamic. It was well structured with homework and discussions. I felt safe discussing issues that were important to me. Every lady had her own issue and we instinctively felt that it would not go out of the room. The thing that has stayed with me is paradigm shift i.e. there is more than one way of looking at things and often it can be a small change in how I react that can make a huge difference”


  • “This is a message to say how the course, Al Pi Darko, has been the best source of parenting inspiration and guidance I’ve ever known!”


  • “Al Pi Darko course gave me not only the tools and skills to parent my teens, it helped me to understand where they were coming from and what made them tick. My husband was encouraged to be on the same page and weekly emails to Judith Nemeth personalized the course for me and my family's dynamics and my children's school life.  I thank Hashem for the wise advice I was given I simply couldn't have managed without it. And we are in contact till today.”


  • “Over the years I have taken Al Pi Darko courses in order to recalibrate my parenting style to match the changing needs of my children as they were getting older. In addition to that, I greatly benefited from booking one-to-one sessions with Judith Nemeth.Her advice is invaluable and always spot on!I cannot recommend her highly enough!”


  • “ A fundamental course that totally transformed my teaching and perspective on behaviour and learning both within and outside the classroom (over the last 10 years?) The tools and skills we learned over such a short space of time empowered me to take charge and handle 90% of classroom issues independently, spurring me to become an Al Pi Darko Teacher Trainer and spread the magic - If this formula works so well, why should Al Pi Darko be exclusive?!”


  • “Al Pi Darko really helped me change my parenting and make it much better and so much more positive. It was so helpful! Thank you, Judith.”


  • “Al Pi Darko was the first real stepping stone in my parenting journey when I had my first daughter. I was feeling lost about how to manage certain behaviours and the course gave me the tools and confidence to make positive changes that benefited the whole family and still do now bH, 3 kids later.”


  • “The Al Pi Darko parenting course is extremely beneficial for both parents and provides us with helpful and practical tools to help in any challenging situation. The course was very interactive and we were able to get advice that was tailored to the challenges we faced. The course includes well-explained methods that are easy to put into practice as well as new insights into understanding children’s behaviours. Mrs. Nemeth also included a Torah approach to the training, emphasizing the importance of good Chinuch which goes hand in hand with parenting. The aftercare of being able to send in a journal or get advice after the course is complete is really helpful. I highly recommend this training course and really benefitted from the skills and techniques I learnt.”


  • “I gained so much from the Al Pi Darko approach. Although I attended the course a good few years ago the material has stayed with me, especially the framework offered to help you observe your children and decipher their behaviour. We were encouraged to make short diary entries that we could share with the instructor who guided us with our observations of, behaviour with, and reactions to our children. A really rich experience that gives relatable, down-to-earth, and absolutely practical parenting advice and techniques that can applied from the very first moment!”


  • “We as a couple have benefited tremendously from Mrs Nemeth's course. The amazing balance of firm boundaries fused with such sensitivity and a clear understanding of children in today's generation has been both enlightening and empowering. Mrs. Nemeth herself has been a tremendously empathetic guide on this journey of development, advising and supporting us as needed, always al pi Torah menorah but never undermining our confidence as the best parents we ourselves could be. It is our pleasure and privilege to have worked with her and we are truly indebted


  • “I learned to look at the positive and it built up my kids.”


  • “This Chinuch course has taught me to recognize and analyse the needs of my children. I know how to make my decisions and feel more confident in parenting. My children feel that my decisions are not just made in the spur of the moment but are well thought-out so automatically there's much less resentment. At the same time I make a point of making them feel valued and loved, so even when once in a while they can't get their way, it doesn't harm our relationship. They feel I'm just being fair but love them anyhow.”


  • “When I think about Al Pi Darko it brings to mind a mind a well-structured parenting program, full of positivity yet with firm boundaries. Yemin mekareves, smol doche. Our parenting and consequently our children's behaviour improved tremendously. We benefitted greatly because we were coached as a couple, we were able to work through our family's personal issues and we were then both on the same page so became a united, positive front! Wishing you much Hatzlochoh in your vital contribution to our society.”

  • “I always said/did things automatically and I realized they were all from you. I kept hearing in my head, give this praise, compliment like this. Redirect etc. It's all from you!!”

  • “I always said/did things automatically and I realized they were all from you. I kept hearing in my head, give this praise, compliment like this. Redirect etc. It's all from you!!”

  • “I would highly recommend doing the Al Pi Darko course it has taught me so much and given me fantastic tools to use during challenging times”

  • “You took the weekly menu planning stress off my head and I felt good about myself, not guilty. If my children didn’t like my super it was ok and it gave me so much piece of mind as a mother”  

  • “It became so ingrained in me. Whenever I reviewed the notes from the classes, I felt you holding my hand and helping me. Then it became automatic and I would tell my children exactly what was written in my notes e.g. I thought about which area they helped me today and complimented them. It all came from you so thank you so much!" 

  • “I’m very close to my mother and she has taught me a lot, she's been so supportive however somethings she cannot get, and in my mind, you Judith are my mum who taught me how to educate and discipline and say the right thing. I’ll never forget the way you taught me and how to do it. Thank you so much, you are my mum who gave me the tools to discipline as a mum should .”

  • “I’ve gained so much from the Ali Pi Darko course and learning from Judith was inspirational she’s so real, and her examples are amazing. Since I've done the course I noticed such a difference in myself, my children, and the whole family, we have all gained from it. I've learned about neutral respect, setting boundaries,  and so much more! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Also, the support after was amazing! So any questions I had I always had someone to turn to, to ask for advice and I learned so much from it.” 

  • “Al Pi Darko was a huge source of support to my husband and myself at any age with any children. It really helps install confidence and helps us to use the skills that we are all given already and to understand our children better, especially the aftercare knowing that I've got someone to reach out to with any questions or concerns that I have is so valuable. I’d recommend Al Pi Darko to parents of children and teenagers of any age.” 

  • “Judith has a wealth of experience from bringing up her family and in her depth of education. Her course is clear and well-structured and gives practical advice on how to raise a happy and emotionally healthy family. The course is very suited to people who love structure and enjoy having calmness in their home and provides a really solid framework and foundation, especially for new parents who don’t have the experience. This experience allows you to take away some really valuable parenting and life lessons that you can apply  not only to raising a successful family but also in your professional life as well.” 

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