Our Story

AlPiDarko is a unique educational training programme designed by Mrs Judith Nemeth, an
educator for over four decades.
After observing ongoing parental and teacher frustration with managing behaviour leading to
conflict and distress, Judith created a behaviour management programme that all could
access and apply seeing the transformation instantly.
And the result? Happy, fulfilled children with healthy self-esteem - and sane parents and
Basing her inspiration from the writings of R' Shlomo Wolbe ZT"L, this programme has been
empowering adults – at home and in schools - in managing behaviour positively for nearly 20

What’s unique?

  • Transform your family or classroom in just 4 sessions
  • Slides and presentations that are engaging and compelling
  • It’s all about you; you have the power to transform and we show you how.
  • Start seeing improvements after session 1!

The Process

The process of change - in your responses and consequently your children's behaviour - starts immediately after Session 1. 
You will become mindful and conscious of the mirror effect of our reactions and the positive impact on our children's self esteem.